These Step-by-Step Instructions Let You Make a Handy Accessory for Your Pet

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: byobbykara.wetransfer & hypebeast
This fashionable DIY dog project will help ensure your furry friend is well equipped for whatever the day throws at them.

The New York City-based womenswear and accessories label KARA released a special pet-focused pattern for its 'Build Your Own Bag' program. This particular model for 'BYOB' is actually specially tailored for pet owners to create a bag that can be worn across the animal's back. Resembling a fanny pack straight out of the 1990s, this fun DIY dog bag is specially designed to only require a minimal amount of equipment and fabric.

You'll need thread, scissors, a sewing machine and some fabric to get yourself started. Once you're ready, a handy step-by-step guide available on the 'BYOB' KARA site will help you along the way to creating your very own miniature doggy bag accessory.