This Artist Uses Vividly Colored Dots to Create Realistic Animal Images

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: instagram & mymodernmet
London-based artist Ana Enshina created this series of animal illustrates using colorful dots that range in size. Each image is presented as a colorful mural of mosaic dots that are precisely placed in order to reveal stunning replications of various animals.

A few of the animals created include whales, flamingos and parrots. All of the images make use of colorful dots that directly reflect to the fur, feathers and scales of the animals. For example, the peacock is recreated using a variety of colors that replicate the true colors seen in the real life version of the bird.

The art is both intricate and playful at the same time. By using well-known animals, the art is able to resonate with a variety of viewers while the artistic use of the dots can be appreciated on a deeper level.