- Aug 20, 2015
It's tough to know how to go about throwing a memorable and enjoyable children's party. Guessing what kind of toys the child would like, what games are fun to play and the snacks that kids like can be difficult for many, making these products and DIY tutorials all the more helpful.

When it comes to snacks ice cream in edible sprinkle bowls and breaded birthday cakes are just some tasty examples. In addition to DIY recipes, pre-packaged products like 'Le chocolat des Francais' chocolate feature artistic wrapping and can double as a take-away loot bag for party attendees.

Other snacks to feature at a children's party include healthier food options like superfood-infused desserts and sweet teas -- a nutritious alternative to juices that have a high sugar content.

From Breaded Birthday Cakes to Edible Sprinkle Bowls: