This Animal Alphabet Imagines a Different Breed of Dog as Each Letter

 - Oct 14, 2015
References: & designtaxi
Animal alphabets are adorable favorites in children's books and spelling games -- but this pup-filled animal alphabet is for dog lovers of all ages.

In these imaginative typographic posters, Romanian designer Andrei Clompos presents a catalog of alphabetically ordered dog breeds. Each beautifully arranged poster in the animal alphabet series features a different type of dog, with each dog cleverly depicted as the first letter of its name. For example, the animal alphabet starts with "A is for Akita," with a photo of a fluffy white Akita transformed into the letter A. Each poster contains a detailed blurb, with fascinating information about the breed of the dog it showcases.

This animal alphabet poster series is a typographic journey through the world of dogs, full of new material for learning and whimsical, adorable canine artwork.