The Modus Oper-Handy Multi-Tool is Designed to Transform into Farm Animals

 - Nov 11, 2015
References: modcloth & odditymall
When it comes to Swiss Army knives, usually they serve a very utilitarian purpose that doesn't leave room for much personality, but the Modus Oper-Handy Multi-Tool is surely the first out there to transform from boring utility knife, to awesome animal figurine.

Featuring a variety of tools that will slide around to form the head and legs of animals like a giraffe, dog and hippo, Modus Oper-Handy Multi-Tool army knives are designed to be as useful as they are beautiful. Everything from blades, to screwdrivers are included on the "figurines" that are not different models, but rather different configurations of the same item.

Although they might look toy-like, the Modus Oper-Handy Multi-Tool are naturally a bit dangerous and shouldn't be given to kids, no matter how cute they might think they are.