These Stylish Kicks are Made Entirely Out of Ocean Plastic Trash

Adidas recently released a prototype for a sneaker made entirely out of ocean trash. Many companies have been experimenting with using recycled materials in their products and now Adidas has found a way to use the plastic waste found in our oceans.

The Adidas prototype is made from illegal gill nets, which have been collected by a non-profit organization called Sea Shepherd. The shoes are then assembled using innovative knitting technology. The knitting process produces zero waste, making it more efficient than traditional shoe manufacturing. Currently, Adidas only plans to use fishing nets and other accessible beach trash because these materials are the easiest to collect. However, the company hopes to develop new technology that may be able to incorporate microplastics into the shoes as well.

The aim of the project is not only to put ocean trash to good use, but to ultimately prevent plastic from getting into the ocean in the first place.