This Environmentally-Friendly Coat Line is Recycled From Wool Blankets

 - Nov 28, 2014
References: & fastcodesign
If you are looking for outwear that will keep you warm this winter but is also eco-conscious, this environmentally-friendly coat range offers fashionable picks. Based out of Amsterdam, fashion brand Wintervacht recycled wool blankets to create new coats.

Art school friends and co-founders of the Dutch studio Yoni van Oorsouw and Manon van Hoeckel dug through flea markets, textile recycling facilities and thrift shops to find decades-old wool blankets to turn into stylish jackets. Typically, one blanket can be used to make two short coats or one long one (the long style is a first from Wintervacht this year).

Each environmentally-friendly coat retains its original color and pattern and isn't dyed, making every one utterly unique.