From Urban Gentleman Catalogs to Masculine Beauty Lines

 - Aug 30, 2015
These August 2015 fashion for men trends range from urban gentleman catalogs to masculine beauty collections that market skin-perfecting products to a male demographic. Thanks to its recent surge in popularity, the masculine cosmetics market is challenging common stereotypes that are associated with makeup and skincare.

In addition to male-targeted skincare collections, these August 2015 fashion for men trends also include fashion-focused sportswear and swimwear examples that marry aesthetics with function. As sportswear continues to become more suited for urban professionals and high fashion fans, vacation-wear is also getting a stylish overhaul.

Furthermore, the month's most memorable clothing fads borrow from past decades and revive a vintage aesthetic through modern gentleman collections and rustic editorial shoots. These examples blend old and new ideas and use nostalgia to appeal to the masses.