From Celeb Sibling Collections to Glam Rock Menswear Lines

 - Aug 30, 2015
These August 2015 fashion trends range from celeb sibling collections to glam rock menswear lines that reference the opulence of rockstar life in the 70s. In addition to creating co-branded fashion collections, major retailers are teaming up with celebs for custom clothing lines that target millennial and Gen Z consumers. Topshop's recent collaboration with Gen Z icons Kendall and Kylie Jenner targets a younger demographic who follows the stars careers and social media antics.

In addition to the month's co-branded collections, these August 2015 fashion trends also include flamboyant menswear lines that are an homage to style fads that ruled past decades. While glam rock menswear lines reference 70s-inspired imagery, the month's celeb-studded cover shoots -- like Justin Bieber's feature for Vogue Hommes -- revive the monochromatic and candid photography style of the 90s.