This Photo Series Imagines a Future Where Space Tourism is the Norm

 - Jul 12, 2015
References: julienmauve &
Using carefully selected stretches of isolated American landscape, the Greetings From Mars photo series imagines the planet Mars as a popular tourist destination complete with the stereotypical pictures and poses that go along with it.

Shot by Julien Mauve, the photographer took inspiration for Greetings From Mars from the exploration of North America by Christopher Columbus some 500 years ago. While the continent as a whole was once an area unknown to many in the modern world, it has now transformed over time into a popular tourist destination to many throughout the globe.

Taking space exploration to its logical conclusion, Greetings From Mars recreates the surface of the red planet, and brings along its eventual visitors looking to capture their very own personal snapshots. The end result is a set of images that not only creatively plays with the idea of discovery, but also how we as humans vainly try to place ourselves within our new surroundings.