From Private Space Taxis to Smartphone Microscope Lenses

 - Jun 27, 2015
With the recent announcement of a few space-related developments, the collection of top June 2015 science trends revolve heavily around this particular theme. Bill Nye is currently heading a successful Kickstarter campaign for an efficient and inexpensive form of space exploration while Boeing is hoping to send consumers into space by the end of this year.

In addition to these futuristic advancements, the top June 2015 science trends also involve quite a few in the medical field. Consumers are looking forward to promising technology to address everyday health concerns. Whether that means pain management or expensive exams, there are many ways in which the industry can improve their services to the betterment of patients around the world. This is evident in the creation of low-cost body scans, parasite-finding apps and doctor-training robots.