The Vortex Turbines Wobble to Generate Energy

 - May 19, 2015
References: vortexbladeless & gizmag
The Vortex is a bladeless turbine that produces a handsome amount of electricity with minimal movement and in complete silence, whilst taking up very little space. This device was designed to reduce the visual and environmental impact of typical blade turbines. This compact turbine relies on the oscillation of its mast in reaction to air vortices -- moving magnets located in the joint which then generate electricity.

While this setup is not as efficient as conventional wind-driven turbines, there is the advantage of fewer moving parts and much higher cost-effectiveness in the realm of maintenance. Moreover, this turbine supposedly overs a manufacturing cost advantage of over 50%, and has a very small carbon footprint compared to typical turbines.

The Vortex turbines could lead to a big revival in the popularity of turbines thanks to its compact, noiseless and efficient nature.