- Jun 28, 2015
These June 2015 lifestyle ideas range from mobile champagne bars to artisanal culinary boutiques that blend food and fashion experiences together. As temporary retail becomes more prevalent across diverse industries, mobile bars and pop-up cafes are becoming a more common marketing tool for major brands. These ventures connect brands with consumers on a more personal level and are often synonymous with sensory experiences.

When it comes to general hobbies and millennial past-times, mature summer camps, hip-hop themed social clubs and password-protected bars are all examples of how adults are indulging in carefree activities that appeal to their niche interests.

In the food and beverage realm, unconventional and exotic flavors are being introduced to a more diverse market. From insect-infused alcohols to cubed food diagrams, molecular gastronomy and cultural cuisine are referenced now more than ever before.

From Mobile Champagne Bars to Artisanal Culinary Boutiques: