This Turtle's Actual Beak Was Injured By a Boat Propellor

 - May 22, 2015
References: facebook & gizmag
Turkish 3D printing service provider BTech has managed to fit a 3D-printed beak onto a turtle. The turtle was seriously injured and nearly killed in an encounter with a boat propellor, but is now recovering well thanks to the imaginative intervention.

BTech worked by taking CT scans of the turtle and translating these to 3D models, which were then converted into replicas of the turtle's upper and lower jaws. The design was finally 3D printed in medical-grade titanium, before being implanted by a surgical team. The turtle is currently recovering with the help of antibiotics, and is set to be released back into the wild once it makes a full recovery.

This 3D-printed beak isn't the first of its kind, with a penguin previously being a beneficiary. This story proves that man-made technology isn't always to the detriment of the animal kingdom, and can indeed be used as a force for good.