Celeste Martearena's Skin Project Compares Pet and Owner Similarities

 - May 1, 2015
References: fuckingyoung.es
Celeste Martearena's pet lover photography series compares the characteristics of a cat and its owner. The visually striking editorial is titled 'Skin' and depicts the similarities of a model and a hairless Sphynx cat.

Capturing side-by-side imagery, the photographer illustrates just how similar people and animals can be. The project compares a model and cat's eyes, body shape and even their feet, showing a candid and sometimes even creepy look at their uncanny resemblance.

This candid image series captures a visually striking relationship between a cat and human and will appeal to fans of pet lover photography. Celest Martearena's aesthetic is candid and raw, revealing washed out and pale images that are captured against a pastel hued backdrop.