- Feb 22, 2015
The top February 2015 art photography trends toe the line between between explicit images, and work that is more subtle. Regardless of the visual approach, photographic work this month exhibited a willingness to explore complex subject matter.

Mental illness, a historically silenced subject, is being more directly addressed within the realm of photography. Other psychological phenomena, such as narcissism, is also being probed from behind the lens. For instance, Alejo Arango's 'Egotherapy' examines self-obsession as a collective, societal sickness.

As always, photography is an artistic medium by which we seek to illuminate universal truths. The more honest and candid a body of work, the more it speaks to the viewer. The top February 2015 art trends reveal a push towards greater candor, and a desire to tell the stories that need to be told.

From Freudian Photography to Famous Foodie Artwork: