These Cancer Detection Ads Liken Tumors to Mutated Fruit

 - Jan 14, 2015
References: offset & featureshoot
The CML Response Project enlisted the help of photographer Bruce Peterson to shoot a series of cancer detection advertisements. Among the healthy produce, the Frankenfruit are easy to miss. The link here is that cancerous lumps and bumps are also easy to miss. The advertisement's tagline reads, "locate the mutation," urging people to get tested.

Peterson applied the mutations in post-production, as there was simply not enough time to find misshapen anomalies within the produce section. In fact, it was hard enough finding attractive-looking fruits and veggies for the project, as several of them were out of season during the time they were shooting.

Of the finished, polished project, Peterson explains, "I believe it takes a sophisticated approach to arrive at simplicity."