'An Eye for an Eye' Captures Families Trapped in Their Homes

 - Jan 16, 2015
References: stefanoschirato.it & featureshoot
In his series, 'An Eye for an Eye,' photojournalist Stefano Schirato documents the return of legally-sanctioned vengeance in Albania.

Following the collapse of communism, Kanun, an Albanian code of law, has seen a reemergence in villages along northern Albania. One of the traditions of the Kanun is that feuds between families are to be settled with bloodshed, If a family has been wronged, the members are to seek out a violent end to one of the opposing families' members.

The result of these feuds, many of which began over money and property, has resulted in thousands of families living confined within the safety of their homes, too scared to leave lest their enemies take that moment to enact their revenge. According to Kanun, the home is the only safe space, upon which no vengeance can be sought.