Elodie Bambi Tann Shoots the Underworld of Young Adult Nightlife

French photographer Elodie Bambi Tann chronicles the dark, underground world of young adult nightlife in her latest series, titled 'La théorie de l’échec.'

Though they are enveloped in a cloud of smoke, drunkenness and impending late night sex, Tann's photos manage to capture raw moments of apathy, melancholy and loneliness lying beneath the party. Even within the most debauched scenes of drinking, drugging and hooking up, there is a sense of longing for genuine connection and compassion.

Tann's subjects, who are mostly her friends, exist at the border of adolescence and adulthood; a precarious time of confusion, failure, revival and relationships. The series is ultimately an attempt to make sense of an impending transition that often feels like is being made without our permission.