From Candid County Fair Editorials to Flamboyant Hip-Hop Gear

 - Feb 22, 2015
These February 2015 fashion trends range from candid editorial shoots to flamboyant runway shows that reference nostalgic imagery. As fashion photography grows more candid, publications and designers are focusing on realism and are enlisting the help of understated and makeup-free models.

In addition to the use of minimal editing and special effects, the months other fads include expressive and edgy menswear that rejects the minimalism and subtlety of past seasons. Following fashion's grunge and normcore fads, designers are embracing opulence and are once again creating eye-catching and eclectic fashions that encourage self-expression. From edgy alpine apparel to nostalgic hip-hop gear, these February 2015 fashion trends mark the return of statement styles.

Other ideas from this list include the development of durable and lightweight textiles by designers in the sports and knitwear industries.