Shop Jeen's In Pizza We Crust Statement Tee Celebrates Tasty Slices

 - Dec 31, 2014
References: shopjeen & shopjeen
Adorned with the words 'In Pizza We Crust', Shop Jeen's food-inspired statement tee is an homage to the cheesy Italian snack. Food lovers of all ages can't deny the power of pizza and its influence on pop culture.

In this case, Shop Jeen's snack-themed t-shirt features a pepperoni slice that resembles a pyramid seen on the American dollar. Instead of a traditional 'In God We Trust' saying, the tee boasts a hilarious 'In Pizza We Crust' saying. Moreover, its graphic even features a third eye symbol, a motif often used to represent illuminati imagery.

If you're a fan of illuminati symbolism and tasty pizza snacks, you'll love Shop Jeen's 'In Pizza We Crust' tee. The garment is priced at a $28 rate and boasts a colorful graphic that is nostalgic and reminiscent of 90s fashions.