Haute Papier by Bea Szenfeld Showcases Impressive Couture Designs

 - Jan 17, 2015
References: szenfeld & fubiz.net
Paper art fashion has been around for some time now, so it is only natural that new interpretations would be vastly improved and impressive. That is exactly the case when it comes to the recent work of designer Bea Szenfeld. He continues to astound people with his vision and talent with this particular material.

Turning his models into walking sculptures, the paper art fashion may be conceptual, but they are nevertheless stylish and stunning. Bold and beautiful in a myriad of different ways, Bea Szenfeld creates pieces that are inspired by everything from geometry and even animal skins. The paper art fashion envelops the body with a life of its own, which shows that the industry is not bound to specific materials.