Egotherapy by Alejo Arango Explores the World's Narcissist Behaviour

 - Jan 27, 2015
Alejo Arango is a photographer based in Miami, Florida, that has created a timely photo series exploring the narcissism prevalent in modern society. Focusing on the idea of the ego, there is an interesting struggle between the therapist and his patient. Mostly, Alejo Arango captures the fact that the therapist seems more interested in himself, which points to a sense of self-obsession.

Although Alejo Arango adheres to a period setup, it is interesting to note all of the ways in which it ties in with contemporary ideals and concerns. Frank Garcia, his online publicist writes that it is "a brave effort to decipher the narcissistic attitude of our current society, using primitive tell tales and captivating imagery that makes us wonder if we should really take that selfie."