From Pole Dancing Photography to Surreal Dancer Portraits

 - Jun 10, 2015
The art of capturing still images of dynamic dance performances and performers can be difficult. When people are in motion, it is very important to ensure each image the photographer captures is explanatory. Dance is a powerful form of expression but it can often be misinterpreted through still frames. When a performer is on stage, each movement connects to the next and when a movement is snapped mid-performance it can change the entire scene.

The ways in which these dynamic dance photographs are produced is an elegant process of patience. When ballerinas, pole dancers and hip-hop artists create and present their form of art, it is the photographer's job to help convey the same message.

When performers use materials and props in their performances to accentuate strides and movements, it is the photographer who must capture the use of these items at the precise moments.