Photographer George Stratigis Shot Katerina for C-Heads

Athens-based photographer George Stratigis shot an exclusive portrait series, starring the beautiful Katerina, for C-Heads.

A former ballet dancer and continued swim enthusiast, Katerina shows off the flexibility of her long, lithe dancer's body in this spread. Even when she's simply laying or sitting down, stretched to her full length, Katerina possesses extreme elegance and grace. She has an innate knowledge of her body and the way it moves that can't be replicated.

To his credit, Stratigis is able to engage and capture Katerina's beautiful, uncomplicated essence. The entire spread is enlightened (and enlivened) by her natural glow. Overall, the series is intimate and minimal, letting that glow take center stage. Katerina was styled in simplistic outfits by Love Me Fashion.