From Playful Lingerie Ads to Romantically Sadistic Editorials

 - Sep 10, 2014
When it comes to lingerie photoshoots, brands and magazines end up targeting a much larger demographic. Women want to look at the wares while men want to look at the women (at least, in the highly stereotypical sense). Yet there is also something to be said about the pervasiveness of fantasies, intimacy and voyeurism. Through these lingerie photoshoots, all three are explored in equal amounts.

Whether that means seeing a girl-next-door model lounging around her bedroom on a lazy Sunday morning or a dark vixen straddling a man in a secret society-themed lingerie photoshoot, there are multiple ways to showcase the latest designs. Sensuality comes in as many shapes and sizes as people do and these lingerie photoshoots address that fact.