Poussiere D’Etoiles by Ludovic Florent is Full of Stunning Grace

 - Feb 7, 2014
References: ludovicflorent.fr & fubiz.net
The Poussiere D’Etoiles photo series translates to 'stardust' in English. An apt phrase for the images, there is a magical quality to the series that could easily adhere to such a fantastical concept. As though dancing amongst stardust, the dancers captured in the Poussiere D’Etoiles series interact with the substance in a mesmerizing way. Whether forming hearts and wings or more abstract powdery clouds around their naked forms, the 'prop' adds another layer to their performance.

Shot by French photographer Ludovic Florent, the Poussiere D’Etoiles photo series better highlights the dancers' majestic movements with the powder. People are able to visualize the full range of motion that led them to the pose immortalized on film. The nudity of the models allows people to appreciate their form more as well.