Statia Grossman Enumerates Her Break-Up in 'Sh*t You Left Behind'

Photographer Statia Grossman sends a giant "F*ck You" to her ex with her first book, a photography compilation of her ex-lover's items, titled 'Sh*t You Left Behind.'

Everyone deals with break-ups in their own, unique way. For some, the recovery process might include a lot of uncontrollable sobbing and stress eating. Others might channel their heartbreak and devastation into something a little more productive, like Grossman does with her art. Though Grossman is chronicling the aftermath of her own personal relationship, her photographs speak universal truths about love, sex, intimacy and emotions that many of her viewers will be able to relate to.

If anything, this series reminds us that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And if that woman's a photographer, you'd better watch out!