Cur's Wearable Solution for Pain is an Alternative to Narcotic Treatment

 - May 13, 2015
Wearable technology has already proven itself incredibly useful for the purposes of wellness but Cur specifically functions as a solution for pain. With billions of people globally suffering from chronic pain, NeuroPace and alumni from Abbott Labs joined forces with the Huge Design studio, the team responsible for creating designs for the Nike Fuelband, Sonos and Jibo products.

Cur takes the form of a reusable gel pad which can be adhered virtually anywhere on the body. What makes the band so incredible is that it is equipped with biometric sensors to measure an individual's nerve and muscle responses and appropriately adjust the amount of pain management needed. This information is used to deliver the right level of stimulating TENS therapy, which is ordinarily administered by machine operated by a medical professional. To greater customize chronic pain relief, Cur users can make adjustments to their custom therapy treatments and view progress with a smartphone app.

Although the use of narcotics is one of the most popular treatments for chronic pain, Cur provides an alternative to this that's safe and affordable.