Shadow WiFi Offers WiFi Access In the Shade Only

 - May 5, 2015
References: happiness-anywhere & gizmag
Shadow WiFi is a project that revolves around installing towering WiFi-providing sun shades in beaches and sunny areas; these structure provide free WiFi that only functions when users are in the shadows, thereby enticing them to spend time out of the sun and reduce their risk of contracting skin cancer.

The system uses a directional WiFi antenna that is hooked up to a sensor, enabling it to track the movement of the sun. As the shade moves throughout the day, the WiFi antenna shifts accordingly, ensuring that WiFi access is only provided in the shaded regions. The system is capable of accommodating more than 250 users at a time.

Shadow WiFi was first launched in Peru, with versions set to be installed in the USA and New Zealand. This is a project that blends architecture, technology access and healthcare all in one in truly creative fashion.