From Cancer-Fighting WiFi Towers to Competitive Vending Machines

 - Jul 22, 2015
These creative Latin marketing stunts succeed in blurring the line between experience-based and traditional outdoor advertising. From competitive vending machines that implore passersby to get involved to WiFi that is only accessible in the shade in order to draw attention to sun skincare, these engaging campaigns cultivate a memorable positive experience between consumer and brand.

The face-to-face interaction afforded by such immersive public stunts provide this kind of exposure to the modern consumer that may be especially hard for larger brands to achieve. By providing a playful, enticing interaction with a direct benefit to the consumer, the individual is likely to see this as an activation of a relationship that could very well develop into brand loyalty.

Given the inclination toward mobile technology of the Latin demographic, many Latin marketing stunts incorporate a digital element or encourage sharing on social networks in order to take advantage of this.