The Variable Vector Countermeasure Suit Creates Artificial Gravity

 - May 12, 2015
References: draper & gizmag
The Variable Vector Countermeasure Suit is a suit, developed by Massachusetts-based Draper Laboratory with help from funding from NASA, that uses special spacesuit technology to create artificial gravity that gives astronauts a sense of orientation while relieving some of the unwanted effects of weightlessness.

Weightlessness produces a number of detrimental effects such as bone and muscle loss, vision problems, immune system malfunction, heart issues and so on. The Variable Vector Countermeasure Suit counters these problems by simulating gravity on a personal scale. It does this using gyroscopes and sensors to offer variable resistance to astronauts' body movements.

This suit won't just help astronauts better acclimatize to space conditions, but will also help them better readjust to life on Earth after prolonged space missions. The suit could also have applications on earth for physical therapy.