This Real-Time Sonic Boom Display Would Aid Supersonic Aircraft

 - May 23, 2015
References: rockwellcollins & gizmag
Electronics firm Rockwell Collins is developing a 3D cockpit display that could one day help pilots of supersonic aircraft to reduce or eliminate sonic booms, the incredible shockwave bangs that occur when supersonic aircraft beat the sound barrier. While sonic booms and other issues caused the Concorde to be permanently grounded some years ago, supersonic aircraft are expected to return to the reckoning in the future.

Indeed there's no doubt that supersonic aircraft will play a key role in the future of civilian air travel, but the issue of sonic booms will need to be addressed. These sonic boom displays could make it possible to fly supersonic aircraft at their full potential even when flying at relatively low altitudes, helping bring the best out of them and speeding up air travel.