This Image Series Captures a Dainty Ballerina in Harsh City Scenes

 - Jul 6, 2015
References: & boredpanda
These elegant images feature a dainty ballerina partaking in exquisite dance routines throughout the harsh city streets in the contrasting photography series. The images portray the beauty of the dancer and the rawness of the streets of Bucharest, Romania.

The streets are streaked with historical marks and weathered scars that smudge the beauty of the vast architecture and rich history. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the dainty ballerina appears flawless and in perfect form. But beneath the porcelain appearance is the blood, sweat and tears that were shed in order to become this perfect swan-like dancer.

Although the ballerina and the location seem completely different, the similarities are still apparent. The deeper meaning of this entire photography series is a truly beautiful exposure of the ballerina and the Romanian city.