Tal Peleg's Cat-Inspired Makeup Art Takes the Cat Eye to a New Level

 - Jul 20, 2015
References: instagram & mirror
Tal Peleg uses her own eyes as a canvas for her cat-inspired makeup art. The talented makeup artist is well-known for her intricate and whimsical eyeshadow creations, which have included famous scenes from 'Gone with the Wind' and paintings by legendary artist Salvador Dali. However, her latest artwork is inspired by creatures of the feline variety.

In order to create the cat-inspired makeup art, Peleg begins by mixing pigmented powders with water and gel. This creates a paint-like mixture that stands out on the skin. She then paints the detailed artwork on her own face, using her eyelid and the surrounding eye area as her canvas. One of the feline-inspired creations features a cat with a ball of yarn, while another depicts a curious kitten peeking over her eyelid.