The Smart Hoodie Sends SMS Messages Based on Gestures

 - Oct 8, 2014
References: theverge & mashable
The Smart Hoodie was developed by grad students Rucha Patwardhan and Alina Balean from NYU as a more efficient way to message. Although there is a lot of wearable technology that's now popping up, rather than adding something that you might not normally wear like a watch or a pair of glasses, this text messaging helper is integrated right into the fabric of a sweatshirt.

This high-tech hoodie is designed so that the embedded GSM radio can pick up on a number of gestures. For example, touching the hood of the sweater or rolling up a sleeve will trigger a text message to be sent to a pre-determined contact. Since these gestures are less obvious than pulling out a cellphone in the case of an emergency, the Smart Hoodie could have huge potential for keeping people safe.