This MIT 3D Printing Innovation Introduces Objects That "Remember"

 - Sep 2, 2016
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Scientists from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts recently released news of a 3D printing innovation that could launch thousands of new applications for the technology.

The release described that engineers from MIT and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have been experimenting with light to print 3D structure that can "remember" their original forms. This means that the 3D-printed objects can be bent, stretched, twisted or otherwise contorted and still return to their original shapes. Objects included in this experiment took the form of a small heat-responsive Eiffel Tower, as well as flowers that were used to grip small screws.

This 3D printing innovation could be useful for a number of applications. Nicholas X. Fang, associate professor of mechanical engineering at MIT lists "soft actuators that turn solar panels toward the sun" and "tiny drug capsules that open upon early signs of infection" as a few ideas.