This Simulator Makes People Sick to Improve Future Vehicle Designs

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: ansiblemotion & newatlas
A company by the name of Ansible Motion has designed an innovative new driving simulator that is actually designed to provide an environment that promotes nausea in users, something that isn't being done for sadistic aims but for the noble goal of helping to better understand how motion sickness works in order to be able to come up with automotive designs that help mitigate the problem in users.

This simulator is decked out with a range of high-tech sensors as well as technologies that can provoke vibrations, sounds and other tactile stimuli in order to study the relationship between vehicular stimuli and sickness, something which helps engineers to pinpoint the key problems and iron them out in future vehicular designs.

The use of a driving simulator to study motion sickness is all the more important given how common it has become for people to watch multimedia content, send text messages and read while on the road, activities that can increase the likelihood of nausea.