From Child-Focused Vehicle Upgrades to Personalized Car Rental Apps

 - Oct 30, 2016
From child-focused vehicle upgrades to personalized car rental apps, the October 2016 auto trends reveal a specific focus on the changing vehicle needs of young consumers.

As a growing number of millennials become parents and begin starting families of their own, there is a shift in kinds of vehicles they are buying. Nissan is one company that is anticipating this shift by combining the versatile convenience of a family-sized SUV with the styling of more unique concept vehicles in its updated Rogue. Similarly, Tesla is focusing on eco-conscious families with new features that make its OS more comfortable for children.

Beyond millennial parents, the October 2016 auto trends also reveal an emphasis on young consumers who aren't necessarily purchasing vehicles of their own. Indeed, there is a growing demand for tools such as personalized car rental apps and streamlined car-leasing apps, which make it easier to procure a vehicle for a short period of time.