The 'GotU' App Helps You Summon Help If Your Car Breaks Down

 - Sep 23, 2016
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GotU is an innovative new roadside assistance app, available for use in Australia, that is designed to ensure that drivers who find themselves with a broken-down or malfunctioning vehicle on the side of the highway can get the help they need to be up and on their way.

What's great about the GotU app is the fact that it's linked to a service that operates over 400 service vehicles in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, which means that users who summon help usually wait no longer than half hour. The app even allows users to use GPS tracking to see where the nearest service vehicle is. They can then use the app to pay a fee of $89 to jump-start a battery or $99 for on-the-go fueling.

There are few things more stressful than a car problem that you don't know how to fix. With its comprehensive and fairly priced services, GotU ensures that you can take to the road with peace of mind.