From Opulent Golf Carts to Gourmet Ramadan Menus

 - Jul 31, 2016
From over-the-top golf carts to extravagant glamping yurts, the top July 2016 luxury ideas include a variety of products and services that highlight the shift of ultra-luxe indulgences from material possessions to experiences.

The W Hotel Manhattan recently added an experiential element in the form of the Extreme Wow suite. The over-the-top experience is perfect for families traveling with young children and demonstrates the lengths to which luxury hotels are going to provide added value in order to retain its customer base in a time of disruption.

Meanwhile, PENT. is a new luxury fitness brand that allows consumers to acquire custom fitness equipment. Offering customization options for a variety of fitness tools and can be made from a variety of luxurious materials including leather, European walnut, stainless steel and stone.