The WallyKokoNut Blends Luxury Amenities With Solid Engineering

 - Jul 9, 2016
References: wally & gizmag
The WallyKokoNut is a brilliantly named and seriously opulent luxury yacht that is designed only for buyers who boast near-endless amounts of disposable wealth to spend on a brand new water toy.

This particular luxury yacht is designed to be exceptionally reliable and robust in all kinds of weather conditions, which is important because it isn't intended to just float around and look pretty, but is targeted towards people who are interested in a long-range cruising solution. For this reason, the WallyKokoNut is fitted with a hull that is 10 to 15 percent wider than other yachts in the same size range, while a high-tech gyroscopic stabilizer ensures that the boat stays steady in rough waters.

This vessel proves that weatherproof solidity and luxury amenities can absolutely exist in the same package, if you're willing to pay the price.