From Handcrafted Bamboo Bikes to Gasoline Delivery Apps

 - Aug 27, 2016
The top August 2016 transportation ideas can be described as ones that embrace both technology and ingenuity in order to push what will be possible in the future of cars, bikes, yachts and other new vehicle concepts.

Autonomous off-road vehicles, smartwatches designed specifically for truck drivers and single-liter 3D-printed cars are just a few of the most impressive projects to be explored by key players in the transportation industry in recent months.

While 3D printing is becoming more prevalent in the transportation industry, so are the use of unconventional materials. For instance, Ford is using agave waste from Jose Cuervo plantations in order to create eco-friendly car parts, while bread-based 'Carbon Foam' is being used as airline insulation and researchers are developing biodiesel from sewage.