Lexus' Kinetic Seat Concept Keeps Drivers and Passengers Comfortable

 - Sep 19, 2016
References: cnet
Anyone who's gone on a long road trip knows that car seats have a long way to go as far as comfort is concerned, and Lexus' Kinetic Seat concept is a response to that issue. Though the concept might be more notable for its arachnid-esque appearance, every aspect of Lexus' design is geared toward making a more comfortable driving experience.

Firstly, the Kinetic Seat's back and bottom are spun into a gossamer-like pattern that diffuses a rider's body weight far more efficiently than typical cushions. Further, the entire Kinetic seat is made from synthetic spider silk rather than plastic -- true to its pattern. This material is more durable and flexible than plastics.

The seat is also designed to move slightly with external forces, giving a more gentle feel to drivers who often brake hard.