This Volvo System Uses Sound to Alert Cyclists and Pedestrian

 - Sep 23, 2016
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Swedish automaker Volvo has gone ahead and developed an exceptionally high-tech detection system, named the Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection System, that makes use of the latest camera and sensor technologies in conjunction with sound warnings to alert pedestrians and cyclists.

The system uses a camera to monitor surroundings as well as special algorithms to assess the degree of danger. The system emits less aggressive sounds in low risk situations, but tones up the volume if there's impending danger.

Considering that people nowadays are subject to a number of distractions while walking and cycling, most worryingly their cellphones, vision is no longer a faculty that many people use to avoid danger on the road. This is where the Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection System comes in. By using loud sound to warn people of potential danger, the system helps vulnerable and unprotected road users from accidents.