The Yandex Bus is Expected to Hit the Road in 2017

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: fortune & readwrite
Just as Google has made a push in recent years to enter the race for market-ready self-driving vehicles, Yandex, Russia's version of Google, has announced that it will release a self-driving shuttle bus. The giant search engine is building its self-driving shuttle bus in collaboration with Daimler, Kamaz (a Russian truck manufacturer) and NAMI (a Russian government-backed R & D firm.)

Yandex's self-driving shuttle will have room for 12 passengers and it will run on an electric motor that should last 200 kilometers between charges. The buses will also feature Yandex's technology, with screens for searching the web, watching videos and communicating.

The self-driving shuttle bus is expected to begin tests in 2017, however its official release date is not yet known.