The On-the-Go H2O System Converts Condensation Into Drinking Water

 - Sep 16, 2016
References: & newatlas
Doug Martin, a powertrain control engineer working for American automotive giant Ford, has developed a wonderfully innovative water generator system that converts condensation into drinking water.

Air conditioners in car cause water vapor to collect on the condenser. Martin's On-the-Go H2O system collects this condensation before filtering it and then directing it through a faucet attached to the car. The system is capable of generating nearly 2 liters of water per hour, which is a substantial amount of water.

This in-car water generator technology is not primed for production just yet, but it certainly could make for a wonderfully eco-friendly way to generate safe drinking water in cars. The On-the-Go H2O System could be of particular use in places where water is hard to come by, and could help maintain the physical health of people driving through desert areas for example.