For Intuitive Fitness Equipment to Wearable Smart Stamps

 - May 30, 2016
These May 2016 gadgets range from connected fitness tools to wearable smart stamps that are attached directly to one's skin. While concepts like MC10 Inc's interactive stamp platform are able to securely capture and store digital data without relying on a bulky device, other standouts like tooth-monitoring gadgets keep users informed of dental appointments while ensuring they keep their oral health in check.

Other notable May 2016 gadgets include connected home products like smart vacuums and personal care devices that help to manage body hair growth. In the connected retail realm, brewery beacons and VR kitchen simulators are helping consumers access desired products or visualize how furniture would look in their home before purchasing it.

Additional standouts range from wifi-enabled wine bottles to cooling air purifiers that are proven to enhance both the look and air quality of spaces.