The 'Heat Up' Water Warmer Instantly Heats Water for Coffee or Tea

 - Apr 18, 2016
References: yankodesign
Designed to help offer users the ability to make coffee, tea or any other kind of hot beverage without having to boil water, the 'Heat Up' water warmer is compact is size. Capable of being stored neatly in your pocket or bag, the 'Heat Up' pen works by being inserted into a cup of liquid and resting on the edge of the container. From here, the unit will go to work heating a beverage the the perfect temperature and turning off automatically when the process has completed.

Designed by Rashmeet Saggu and Supreet Pandha, the 'Heat Up' water warmer is rechargeable and can be used at the office or even while commuting. The functional design of the product focuses on the busy consumer who doesn't have time to spare when it comes to preparation.