The Jins Screen Night Glasses are Designed to Help Users Sleep Better

 - Apr 13, 2016
References: corp.jins & digitaltrends
For those who frequently find themselves using digital devices right before bed, the Jins Screen Night Glasses could be the best way to combat the negative effects of blue light on their sleep schedule.

The Jins Screen Night Glasses are designed to filter up to 60 percent of the blue light emitted by phones, tablets and computers. Unlike the brand's original Jins Screen glasses, this new pair is specially designed for those who enjoy using their digital device prior to sleeping. The glasses are able to combat the harmful effects of blue light on the individual's sleep schedule by removing the specific blue light wavelength that is thought to be the most disruptive to rest.

With more and more consumers failing to switch off before bedtime, these specialty glasses could help to ensure that such a habit does not negatively impact one's sleep cycle.